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Virtual Rental Training Registration

  1. Online Rental Training Login Information Request:

    Please complete the forum listed below to request login information to attend the Online Rental Training Program. Once the forum is submitted, staff will email you with login information as soon as possible.

  2. Enter your first name
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  4. Enter your last name
  5. Choose a unique username to login to the training system.

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  7. Enter your house number and street, avenue, road, etc. or P.O. Box number.

  8. Example: Property owner; Representative; Property Manager; Etc.

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  10. Enter the house number and street, avenue, road, etc. for your rental property in St. Cloud. If multiple rental properties, please add all to this field separated by semicolons.

    Example: 1201 7th Ave S; 400 2nd St S

  11. Information
    The rental training curriculum is designed to comply with rental licensing requirements for the City of St. Cloud, Minnesota. It is not designed or intended to satisfy rental licensing or training requirements for any other city, municipality or entity. Please call (320) 345-4444 for further information.
  12. Virtual Training
    The training consists of PowerPoint slides from the St. Cloud Fire Department, St. Cloud Health & Inspections and St. Cloud Police Department. There will be questions pertaining to the slides asked throughout the virtual training. It is required to answer the questions to advance through the training. You have the ability to start the training and return to the training at a different time if you cannot complete it in one set time. At the end of the training you will be able to print off certificates to indicate you have completed the training.
  13. Acknowledgement And Waiver
    By clicking "submit" I attest that the information that I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a message will be sent to me at the email address that I have provided confirming that I have a seat in this training session. I further understand that the information provided during the training should not be regarded as legal advice or considered a replacement for my responsibility to be familiar with the law.
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