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St. Cloud Downtown Exterior Improvement Grant Application

  1. Please provide an accurate and thorough summary of your project including colors and materials of proposed improvements. The photographs submitted of your building(s) and property will assist in a visual manner to further support your written project description. 

  2. Multiple photos are encouraged. Send by email to

  3. Project Goals

    Based on the description of your project and your motivation for making these improvements, please select which project preference item(s) you feel your project meets: 

  4. Based on the proposed project, please provide your best estimate of the entire project cost.

  5. Project Extras

    If the project cost comes in at or exceeds your estimate, do you have private funds readily available to complete the proposed project? 

  6. If no, by what means will you secure funding and still complete the project within a timely manner?

  7. If your project is approved, does completing the project in a timely manner (within one year) pose any concerns for you? 

  8. Please upload a bid or estimate from a contractor for the work. If you have multiple files, send by email to

  9. Grant Disbursement

    Awarded loan funds will be disbursed as a reimbursement to the applicant upon completion of the project and submittal of receipts or invoices for supplies purchased and inspection which certifies the work completed is in accordance with the EDA approval and other city ordinances. 

  10. Certification

    City staff or an authorized representative shall have the right to inspect the property to be improved at any time from the date of application upon giving due notice to the owner and occupants. 

    I/We understand that any intentional misstatements will be grounds for disqualification.  

    I/We authorize program representatives the right to access the property to be improved for the purpose of the grant program and to take photographs of the structure before and after rehabilitation. 

    I/We further understand that I/we will make the final selection of the improvements to be made with the loan funds and that the contract for improvements will be solely between myself and the contractor(s). The administering agency will not be liable for the inadequate performance of the contractor(s). 

    The information on this application is accurate. I have read, understand and agree to comply with the program criteria for the St. Cloud Exterior Improvement Grant Program. 

  11. Confirmation

    Your signature below confirms that you and the property owner have agreed on the terms of this application. 

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