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Contractor Information for Commercial Building Permit Application

  1. Commercial Building Permit Application
    This application is for electronic plan review for a Building Permit only. Separate permits are required for Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, and/or Fire work being done. Within 1 business day of submitting the permit application you will receive an email from ePlans inviting you to the project. You will upload all related plans and documents in this system. Please see the handouts on the City website for more information on the ePlans system.
  2. Site/Building Information
    Fill out information about the site/building where the project is to take place.
  3. Fill out the name of the business the project is for.
  4. Fill out the address, including suite number (if applicable) where the project is to take place. If there are multiple addresses, include EVERY address.
  5. Fill out the City Permit Number.
  6. Contractor Information
    Fill out information for the contractor for the project. The contractor must be licensed with the City of St. Cloud as a Commercial Contractor, please see the City website for licensing information. If a contractor has not been selected yet, please leave this portion blank. A City-Licensed Commercial Contractor is required prior to permit payment/issuance.
  7. Name of licensed commercial contractor company.
  8. City issued License Number. Number should start with "BCOM".
  9. Contractor Disclaimer
    As Contractor I acknowledge that I am responsible for the work performed under this permit and that all work will be done in accordance with the conditions of the permit; the approved plans and specifications; the ordinances of the City of St. Cloud; and the Minnesota State Building Codes. The work will remain accessible and exposed for inspection purposes. The person doing the work shall call for the inspections and a 24-hour notice is required. The permit will become void if work does not begin within 180 days or is suspended at any time for over 180 days.
  10. Pay With The Credit Card on File With The City*

    By choosing Yes I request the City to apply any permit fees to the credit card on file once the permit is approved.

  11. Typed names above shall constitute an electronic signature.
  12. ePlans Access
    Fill out information if you would like someone added into the ePlans system for this project. The original applicant currently has access.
  13. Name of person who wants access to the project in ePlans.
  14. Email address of the person who wants access to the project in ePlans.
  15. On-site contact person name, this contact will receive emails on inspection results.
  16. On-site contact phone #.
  17. On-site contact email address.
  18. Leave This Blank:

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