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  1. 2023 Quintile Survey

    Form for Taxpayers to access online to update City on their property.

Building Safety

  1. Commercial Building Permit Application

    Commercial Building Permit Application

  2. Demolition Permit Application

    Demolition Permit Application

  3. Residential HVAC Permit Application

    Residential HVAC Permit Application

  4. Sign Permit Application

    Sign Permit Application

  1. Contractor Information for Commercial Building Permit Application

    Contractor Information for Commercial Building Permit Application

  2. Plumbing Permit Application

    Plumbing Permit Application

  3. Residential Permit Application

    Residential Building Permit Application

  4. TEST Ventilation Permit Application

    TEST Ventilation Permit Application

Legal Department

  1. Legal Department Data Request Form

    Request police reports & other data from the City Attorney's Office by submitting this form.

Mayor's Office

  1. Board and Commission Application
  2. Request for Information Form - 2023

    Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

  3. Youth Commission Application Form
  1. Election Judge Application - 2024
  2. Video Playback Issues

    If you are experiencing issues with our videos and need assistance please complete this form.

Planning Department Forms

  1. General Inquiry Form
  1. St. Cloud Neighbor of the Month

    The Neighbor of the Month recognition program gives you the opportunity to recognize those individuals for their acts of good will and... More…


  1. Business Keyholder Information
  2. Rental Property Keyholder Information
  3. Reserve Application
  4. Virtual Rental Training Registration

    Online registration for virtual rental license training

  1. Home Check Request
  2. Request for Building Tour
  3. St. Cloud Police Department No-Pay Report

    This Online report form is designed for businesses to report incidents of individuals obtaining fuel and leaving without paying,... More…

Public Services 101

  1. Illicit Discharge Form
  1. Stormwater Volunteer Sign Up Form

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering. You will be contacted when we receive your application.

Public Utilities

  1. Illicit Discharge Form
  2. Pantown Neighborhood Stormwater Resilience and Flood Mitigation Plan

    The City of St. Cloud is working to develop a stormwater resilience and flood mitigation plan for the 850-acre Pantown Neighborhood... More…

  1. Illicit Discharge Form


  1. RSVP Volunteer Enrollment

    Enrollment form for RSVP volunteer applications

Utility Billing

  1. Recycling & Garbage Credit Form

    The purpose of this declaration is to qualify for and apply for a credit or refund for the charge imposed by Section 244:15 of the Code... More…

  2. Utility Service Form
  1. Relative Homestead/Property Mgmt Co Authorization Form