I recently received a letter from Ferguson Waterworks. Do I still need to schedule a water meter replacement?

Yes, Ferguson Waterworks is scheduling water meter replacement appointments again. Ferguson continues to follow CDC and Minnesota Department of Health guidance and works closely with St. Cloud Public Utilities to ensure all required preventive steps are being followed. Effective immediately, Ferguson has implemented the following safety measures as it relates to interacting with customers during installation:

  • Install associates will not enter a home or business where there is a sick individual present.
  • Protective face masks, hand sanitizer and gloves will be worn by install associates while in your home.
  • Install associates will follow a step-by-step guide on the disinfection of vehicles between appointments.
  • Ferguson associates will maintain the six-feet minimum for social distancing; this means they will not shake hands. While questions and interest in the process is appreciated and welcomed, please allow associates six feet of space to perform the required installation.
  • Ferguson have implemented a policy to reduce the use of shared phones, desks, offices, or other tools and equipment when possible. Tools and equipment needed for installations are disinfected between visits.
  • Installation customers will no longer be required to sign for the work completed. A new proof-of-installation process that does not require a signature has been implemented.

Learn more at our Water Meter Upgrade Page.

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