How am I notified if my area is being considered for reconstruction?
The City of St. Cloud typically utilizes a two-step process in the public hearing phase for potential public works projects. First, an informal public informational meeting is held in the fall months before the project is scheduled. Engineering staff provides an overview of the proposed improvements and the residents have an opportunity to ask questions and provide their input regarding the need for the improvements and the scope of the project, or raise a particular point of concern.

After receiving the feedback from the residents at the informational meeting, the Engineering Department staff prepares a report and cost estimate for the project and forwards this to the City Council for their review. The City Council will then schedule a public hearing to consider the proposed improvements. The affected property owners will receive a public hearing notice along with the estimated assessments for the project. At the public hearing residents will have the opportunity to speak in front of the City Council about the project. At this hearing, the City Council will then decide whether or not to proceed with the project.

Residents are welcome to attend either or both of these meetings, but we typically find that most residents will opt for the informational meeting. The proposed improvements are the only item of business at this meeting and there is the additional benefit that input received at this meeting can be utilized in the preparation of the report that is submitted to the City Council.

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1. How am I notified if my area is being considered for reconstruction?
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