We are passing on information that was received for those living in Benton County.

Benton County is trying to fill spots for this Thursdays clinic! (2/25)

Benton County Public Health is in need of your help. We have created a COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Survey for Benton County residents age 65 or older. This survey is NOT to schedule an appointment at this time. It will be used to gauge interest and collect contact information so when vaccine becomes available local public health can reach out to those individuals. We need your help in sharing this link or information with Benton County residents age 65 or older OR with their caregiver who can help them fill out this survey. The survey takes less than 2 minutes. One survey should be filled out for each person age 65 or older who lives in Benton County. The survey can be found on the Benton County website under the COVID-19 Information: https://www.co.benton.mn.us/639/Benton-County-COVID-19-Information

*This survey is not for those living in assisted living facilities or long term care.*

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