Humanities Lecture: Happiness & Well-Being

Finding Personal Happiness & Well-Being

Are you stressed out about modern life? Does Covid-19, the divisive politics in the U.S., the lackluster economy, the rise of neo-fascism and illiberal democracy around the world, your neighbor’s caterwauling animals, etc. have you bummed out? Do you desire more peace, fulfillment, happiness, and equanimity in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have great news for you! You absolutely don’t have to feel that way!

Please join us for a lively, informative discussion about how you can find personal happiness and well-being according to science. A discussion that can literally change your life for the better! Decades of research in positive psychology, social psychology, emotional intelligence, neurobiological science, etc. suggests a handful of proven daily habits that you can acquire and develop that will make you significantly happier and have a sense of increased well-being. We’ll cover the 1) 14 “Rewirement” habits, 2) 4-part Renewal Cycle, and 3) ABCDE’s of Learned Optimism. These 23 key elements, if you adopt them as daily habits that you are intentionally committed to, will make you happier, have a greater sense of well-being, less stressed, and healthier in general! We hope you can join us for this life-altering talk!

Shawn Schooley, Ph.D., SCSU
This will be offered as a combination of In-person (limit 6) and Zoom

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