Join us this morning for the first of 3 presentations with Shawn Schooley on the History of Voting.

Here is the description of the series:
Have you ever wondered why we “waste” time, energy, and money by holding elections in the United States? In what way, if any, are elections important and/or relevant? What types of people vote anyway? If your thoughts run in these muddy currents, you’re in luck! We have some answers for you!

Please join us for a series of three consecutive lively humanities discussions around relevant, timely topics in U.S. elections: 1) History of Voting, 2) Facilitating Voter Participation, and 3) Implementation of New Programs in Election Administration. These specific topics, some relevant ancillary considerations, all nestled within a “burrito” of warm, delicious ethical considerations will be civilly discussed and debated. Whether your motivation is for your own lifelong learning growth (or your “crazy” relatives’, at family gatherings, lifelong learning growth) or to “one-up” folks at social (distancing) events, this will be fun. Free yourselves from the mental shackles of Plato’s Cave and come into the light of intellectual liberty!
9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 8/20, 9/17, 10/15 – on Zoom

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