Apr 16

Late Spring Snowfall Event

Posted on April 16, 2023 at 7:31 AM by Tracy Hodel

Well, Mother Nature decided winter is not done with us yet.  At this time, St. Cloud has received approximately 2 to 3 inches of fresh snowfall throughout city limits.  Public Works staff have been driving throughout town and inspecting the roadways.  When driving the roadways, the tires are hitting wet pavement and no slippery conditions are being observed or reported.  Limited staff will be dispatched to address the roadways as Sunday morning traffic is typically light, snow accumulation for the remainder of the day is forecasted to be minimal and the temperatures are expected to rise throughout the day, which will clear the snow from roadways. Staff have been sent out to address the bridge decks and overpasses.  Due to the colder temperatures, bridge decks and overpasses tend to ice up and become slippery in these conditions.  If conditions change, Public Works will adapt accordingly. 

Apr 01

4/1/2023 & 4/2/2023 Snow & Ice Removal Update

Posted on April 1, 2023 at 4:17 PM by Daniel Legatt

Public Works operations for Saturday, April 1, will conclude at 5:00pm this evening. All roadways that did not present vehicles parked on both sides (too narrow for plows) were cleared. Staff similarly opened up passages within the Central Business District. 

Operations will resume at 4:00am on Sunday, April 2. Public Works will be focusing on even/odd parking, as well as roadways not cleared on Saturday where cars were parked across from each other (areas too narrow for plow trucks). Additionally, alleyways will be plowed with front end loaders to remove buildup as well as open up the ends.

Apr 01

4/1/2023 Ice/Snow Event

Posted on April 1, 2023 at 5:44 AM by Daniel Legatt

Public Works snow removal crews began operations shortly after 3:00am this morning; approximately 5-inches of snow fell overnight. – It has been identified that there is a layer of ice underneath the snow which is creating challenges when snow is removed and caution should be taken while driving. Further, because of the moisture content with this snow, plows are leaving behind larger windrows which will be difficult for smaller vehicles to cross; caution is advised when approaching these windrows.


Operations for today will entail all arterials being cleared twice, once early this AM and once again before operations conclude. All residential streets will also be plowed, however, due to the significant effort to clear all the roadways today, the cul-de-sacs may be limited in full clearing. Further, the alleyways will be cleared based on the priority of roadways being maintained first and will be assessed accordingly due to equipment obligated to road clearing.


Operators will also be clearing downtown passages throughout the day.  


With temperatures in the mid-30s this afternoon, with full sun, the roads are expected to clear up throughout the day.