Assessor's Office

The St. Cloud City Assessor’s Office is a division of the city Finance Department. Minnesota State law requires that assessors view each parcel of real estate to estimate its market value. Property values change continuously with changing economic conditions. In addition to market changes, numerous physical characteristics affect the value of land and buildings. All factors are considered in estimating the value of property. The office staff physically inspects property to ensure that property information is accurate and up to date. The staff analyzes cost, income, and sales data and applies that analysis to similar properties to ensure that properties are valued fairly.


Property Information
Property information from the assessor's office is public information and is available through a GIS Map. Search for property information here.

If property owners have questions or comments about property value, classification, or taxes, email the Assessor's Office or call (320) 255-7203.

Distribution of Taxes
In the state of Minnesota, property taxes provide most of the funding for local government services. The county auditor/treasurer collects the taxes and distributes the funds between the county, city, township, school district, and special districts such as the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and Metropolitan Transit Commission.


Estimating Property Value
The tax on each property is determined according to its value, property use, and the property tax levies. Assessors are responsible for estimating property values and setting property use classifications for tax purposes. Property may be classified as residential homestead, residential non-homestead, apartment, agricultural, or commercial/industrial. Each classification is taxed at a different percentage of market value. These percentages are established by the Minnesota State Legislature. How does the assessor estimate the market value of my property? Find out more here.

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