Barking Dogs

Ordinance Section 1040:50. Subd. 1. Barking
The ordinance (PDF) states that no person will keep or harbor a dog or animal which habitually barks or cries, howls or whines for a period of 6 minutes or longer.

Contact Your Neighbors
Many dog owners are not aware that their dogs are causing inconvenience to others because they are gone or have grown accustomed to the noise.

We ask that neighbors try to come to an amicable solution before we get involved in dog barking issues. If a neighbor is not comfortable speaking with the dog owner in person, an informative and polite note can be placed on the dog owner's door or sent through the mail.

Contact Animal Control
If you do not feel comfortable contacting your neighbor or contacting your neighbor is unsuccessful please contact animal control. Please provide the following information:
  • Dog's address
  • Date and time frame that the dog was barking
  • Description of the dog (if known)
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