Success Stories

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Don’t just take our word for it, see how other businesses are selecting St. Cloud from other locations and regions. Not only are they finding tangible assets like market access and infrastructure, they’re thriving thanks to our exceptional work ethic, a community that gives back, and a charming mid-western quality of life in St. Cloud. 

Greater Global Presence

Names like Electrolux, Anderson Trucking, and Arctic Cat call St. Cloud home for its competitive cost of business and attractive location. To learn more about how St. Cloud was selected for Geringhoff and New Flyer of America expansions, click here.

Greater Homegrown Success

Great ideas are born in GREAT places like St. Cloud. To learn more about how St. Cloud’s innovative business environment supports the creation and growth of Park Industries, the nation’s largest producer of stone processing equipment; and Arctic Cold Storage, the most advanced cold warehouse and distribution company that supports several Fortune 500 companies, click here.

Greater Entrepreneurs

A variety of resources make St. Cloud a great location for small businesses to start-up and grow. To learn more about how matching the right resources to unique business needs supports growth opportunities at Orange Oak Advertising, click here.

Greater Corridors

St. Cloud’s primary transportation corridors continue to be a hot-spot for reinvestment. To learn more about how St. Cloud’s financing assistance helps a developer overcome extraordinary redevelopment costs and stimulates reinvestment along the MN State Highway 23/Division Street corridor, click here.