Poetry in Sidewalks

2021 Poetry in Sidewalk Selections

Winter’s ice pops and cracks. 

The Mississippi snaps and breaks free, 

thunders, growls, gushes, gurgles. 

The river baptizes islands while

sun skitters like quicksilver through

cathedral arches of bottomland forest.

 by Lisa Meyers McClintick

Hi there! It’s me,

Words in the concrete, 

I appreciate you stopping to read;

And please enjoy your walk!

 by Zoe Papalia-Beatty

When you see me and read me

You say Yes to possibility

Yes to imagination

Yes to poetry.

Keep your Yes as you walk on.

Let Yes become your guide.

 by Brian Fleming

Feeling cracked?


A little janky?

Don’t worry.

We love sidewalks

And they aren’t perfect either.

 by Megan Mahowald

The Arts Commission would like to thank the volunteer panel of three poets from Central Minnesota's literary arts organization Lyricality who served as jurors throughout this process. All received poems were reviewed in a blind jury process by the panelists.

In 2012, the St. Cloud Arts Commission, along with the Community Development Division, implemented a program to coincide with annual City sidewalk repair. The St. Cloud Community Poetry in Sidewalks is modeled after 'Everyday Poems for City Sidewalks' created by artist Marcus Young for the City of St. Paul.

Each year, St. Cloud community members are asked to submit poems to be stamped into City sidewalks. From those submissions, 5-6 poems are selected to be made into sidewalk stamps. The poems are stamped into new sidewalks in various neighborhoods. The stamp lasts through the lifetime of the sidewalk and is ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliant. Poetry in Sidewalks is funded wholly by the Arts Commission.

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Poetry in Sidewalks Storymap
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2016 Selections

Stamp locations to be determined.

  • I'm not just pavement.
    I am the runway for children's bikes,
    The canvas for chalk drawings,
    I am your pathway.
    by Mariah Gordon
  • Be courageous as you follow your path
    Be kind to others and be sure to laugh
    For life passes faster as we get old
    So protect that child inside of your soul
    by Leah Stice
  • Here
    by Lisa Henning
  • A poem in your pocket
    art in your heart
    a secret in your locket
    a step makes a start
    by Jacqueline Brooks-Yer
  • As your stroll upon this path
    Share your smile and
    Share your laugh!
    by Leah Stice