The Finance Department is responsible for budget preparation, debt management, assessments, city elections, insurance and risk management, and the investment of all city funds. The department is also responsible for providing financial and computer services to all other departments of the city.


It is the mission of the Finance Department to provide financial direction for all city services and to maintain the integrity of the city's financial assets through timely and accurate accounting of city records. In pursuit of this mission the department has been organized into 9 different program areas.

Fund Support

The Finance Department is supported by the General Fund, including revenue from licenses, parking fines, interest income, and reimbursement from the enterprise funds for services provided by the Finance Department.
  1. 2022 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

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  3. 2023 Approved Budget Report

    See the Approved 2023 Budgets including the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Debt Service Funds, Capital Project Funds, and Enterprise Funds! Read on...
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