Right-of-Way - Excavation Permit

Excavation permits are required whenever any excavation or underground work is planned within the city's right-of-way. No person may excavate any right-of-way without first having obtained the appropriate right-of-way permit from the Engineering Department. A applicant must submit a completed Right-of-Way Excavation Permit Application (PDF), including a scaled drawing showing the location and area of the proposed project and the location of all known existing and proposed facilities. If detouring of traffic is required, a traffic management plan must be submitted in accordance with Traffic Control Minimums (PDF) There is a fee for the permit.

To apply for this permit, the licensed excavator and/or utility company can email the permit application and sketch (along with any other pertinent information (i.e. Gas Safety Plan, Traffic Plan) to engineering@ci.stcloud.mn.us. You may contact the Engineering Department at 320-255-7249 to pay with credit card or mail the above information and payment if you prefer.

NOTE: Applicant and/or Contractor shall contact Building Safety Department at 320-255-7239 regarding Plumbing Permit requirements, if needed. They shall also contact Infrastructure Services at 320-255-7286 for additional requirements for services and/or equipment and material needs.

Notice is hereby given via Minnesota Administrative Rule, Chapter 7560, Excavation Notice System (PDF), to all excavators and utility companies to review.
All permit applications that contemplate excavations within the right-of-way in areas designated as containing critical facilities on the City's Critical Natural Gas Facilities Map must fill out a Gas Safety Plan (PDF) with Xcel Energy. Contractor must provide an employee qualified and trained under the City's Excavator Safety Training Program to be on site during all times when excavation work is being performed.
If excavator is connecting a new sanitary sewer or water service, a Utility Connection Permit (PDF) must be obtained. No one may connect to the city's sanitary sewer or water system without paying the appropriate connection fee.

Upon satisfying all aspects of the Right-of-Way - Excavation Permit and necessary restoration work to City Restoration Standards (PDF), the contractor must submit a Completion Certificate (PDF) to the Engineering Department.

See Right-of-Way - Excavation Permit Flow Chart (PDF) for more information.


Right-of-way excavation permits can only be issued to a licensed excavator. To obtain this license, contractors must complete the 2024 Excavator License Application (PDF), file a $10,000 bond the City, provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance and Proof of Workers Compensation Insurance. Please contact the engineering department at 320-255-7249 if you need to obtain a license for the remainder of 2023.