Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention Definition

The most widely accepted definition of crime prevention is: the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the initiation of some action to remove or reduce it.

Crime Prevention Goal

The goal of Crime Prevention within the city of St. Cloud is to maintain strong police-community relations between the St. Cloud Police Department and the citizens of St. Cloud through informational and education programs and services that positively influence the quality of life in our community by:
  • Reducing crime or the fear of crime.
  • Increasing the knowledge of citizens in "pro-active" crime prevention strategies.
  • Training the community in a wide-array of crime prevention approaches.
  • Providing home and business security assessments.
  • Encouraging and training citizens to participate in "Watch" activities. 

Crime Prevention Training and Education

Training and education sessions are offered through the St. Cloud Police Department to the public at no charge as a public service.

They can be modified to fit the individual need of your group, organization or business. They can be presented at a location of your choosing or we can arrange to use a training room at the police department.

We recommend a minimum of 6 to 10 attendees and require advance notice to schedule a session. Refer to the Contact Us information listed to the right to inquire about training and education sessions.
Popular topics include but are not limited to: Personal Safety; Identity Theft; Cons, Frauds & Scams; Counterfeit Detection; Drug Awareness & Education; Burglar Proofing Your Residence; Safety in The Workplace; How to Work With the Police and Community Watch Programs. 

Below are some helpful resources about common Crime Prevention topics.

  1. Burglary & Theft
  2. Counterfeit Money
  3. Cyber Safety
  4. Scams & Identity Theft
  5. Senior Safety
  6. Violence & Abuse
  7. Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Burglary Prevention Tips

Eliminate the Opportunity

Crime happens when the criminals have the ability, desire and the opportunity to commit the crime successfully. A key aspect of Crime Prevention that the St. Cloud Police wants to assist it’s citizens with is eliminating the opportunity for people to take advantage of you or your loved ones. There are some specific steps that you can take to prevent burglary. For a more comprehensive understanding, please contact us to set up a training for your group.

Secure your Home

A home security survey is a great way to see where your home may be vulnerable to forced entry. Information that is gathered from a home survey will reveal what steps you may need to take to make your home more burglary-resistant. Contact us if you’d like to go through a survey of your home with the Crime Prevention Specialist. You’re also welcome to run through your home on your own using this document to guide you.

Observing & Reporting Suspicious Activity

Reporting suspicious activity is strongly encouraged and is often what prevents crimes from occurring in your neighborhood. Here are some appropriate observed behaviors that you should call the police to report:

  • Someone trying to enter a neighbor’s home by a window or side door
  • A strange vehicle left running and parked on your street
  • Someone yelling expressions similar to, "help," "fire," or "rape."
  • Shots, alarms, or windows being broken
  • Someone with a weapon
  • Someone who is moving household items late at night
  • Someone entering or leaving a business before or after normal hours of operation