Local Historic Districts

Local historic districts are a concentration of older buildings, structures, sites, and spaces that tell a story about the history, culture, and community of the city. The City of St. Cloud currently has 5 local historic districts that have been officially designated by the City Council as significant:

  1. Barden Park
  2. Pantown Neighborhood
  3. Southside Neighborhood
  4. St. Cloud Commercial District
  5. Southeast Historic Overlay District

Barden Park Historic District

The Barden Park Historic District contains St. Cloud’s oldest city park, as well as residential properties in one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods. It is located entirely in St. Cloud’s historic Lower Town, an area devoted to residential development. 

The Barden Park Historic District is significant in St. Cloud because it contains a visual inventory of the residential architectural styles constructed in the city from the 1880s through 1945. The district contains examples of styles that are rare or well preserved and not found in other areas of the city. Both upper and middle class residences are represented in the district bordering the city’s oldest park.

The earliest structure in the district is a well preserved home at 801 Fourth Street South,built in 1882, in the Gothic Revival style, which is relatively rare in St. Cloud. There is a Folk Victorian (711 Fifth Avenue South), an American Four-Square (801 Fifth Avenue South), a Neo Classic (723 Fifth Avenue South), and a uniquely regional composite with Dutch and classic elements (701 Fifth Avenue South) all represented in this historic district. 
 Just outside the district, west of the park, the Alumni House is one of St. Cloud’s finest examples of the Tudor Revival style. These homes are significant as examples of the residences constructed by the middle and working classes in the South Side/Barden Park neighborhood. They are also significant as examples of some of the earliest housing styles in St. Cloud.

Barden Park Historic District
The Alumni House located at 724 4th Avenue South, across from Barden Park
Barden Park Historic District Map