Dog Licenses

Did you know?

Dog licenses have been required in St. Cloud since 1868!

Dog Licenses Requirement

This is a reminder to all dog owners in the city of St. Cloud that dog licenses are required for all dogs over 6 months of age. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Dog licenses are valid from June 1 to May 31. 

 Failure to license will result in a $100 fine / administrative citation. Please refer to the city's Animal Control Ordinance (PDF) for more details.

Dog License Fees

  • Spayed / neutered - $12
  • Unaltered - $29


New Dogs

If you are new to St. Cloud or have obtained a new dog, please use this Dog License Application (PDF) to license your dog. Fill out, print and returned the application to city hall by mail or in person. Please note that only 2 dogs are allowed per household in St. Cloud. Other animal limits (PDF)also apply.


It is time to renew your 2019-2020 St. Cloud dog license. Dog licenses may be renewed online, in person or by mail. If you have a dog license on file with the city, you will be mailed renewal instructions.

Once you receive your renewal notice, click here to renew you dog license online.

***Only dogs with current rabies vaccinations on file with the city may renew online, all other licenses must be renewed at City Hall in person or by mail***

If you have lost your dog license renewal, please use this Dog License Application (PDF) to license your dog or contact the Health and Inspections Department to obtain a copy.