Archery Hunt

The 2020 archery hunt application is now closed! The application period was open from 8/24/2020 to 9/25/2020.

The city archery hunt will run from mid-October to December 31st. Hunters will be contact via email with the results of the hunt lottery.
2020 Archery Hunt Rules

  • Click here to review the 2020 hunt policy/rules
  • City hunt will run from 10/17/2020 to 12/31/2020
  • Violation of ANY of the hunt rules will be grounds for immediate permit revocation, please review the hunt policy/rules carefully.
  • No proficiency exam is required for 2020 (may be required in 2021).
  • No “special hunt” area number has been designated by the DNR.
  • Hunters are required to display City Hunt Permit on the dash of their vehicle, and a second copy with the hunter at all times when participating in the hunt. If a hunter is concerned the dash permit contains too much personal information, they have the option of redacting their address from that copy.
  • Please see MN Department of Natural Resources for bag limit information.   
  • Hunters will be required to notify the city when an animal is harvested in city limits. All hunters must notify the city if they were unsuccessful in the city hunt by the end of the season. A form will be provided to notify the city of hunter's success.

Archery Hunt Area Maps
River Bluffs Regional Park Map
Neenah Creek Regional Park Map (updated for 2020)
Serenity Park Map
Friedrich Park & MN Correctional Facility
Heritage Woods Park
Cooper Hills Park 


St. Cloud Regional Airport Archery Hunt

For more information on the airport hunt click here.