Archery Hunt

  Application for the 2017 hunt is now closed. All applicants will be notified by email with the selection results by the end of the day on 9/8/17.

2017 Archery Hunt Rules

  • 2017 Archery Hunt Policy/Rules
  • Application for the 2017 archery hunt lottery selection process opens on August 15 and closes at noon on September 7.
  • 200 hunters will be selected at random to participate in the 2017 city hunt. Hunters will be notified via email whether they have been selected to participate in the city archery hunt or not.
  • Those selected to participate in the 2017 city hunt will be emailed their Archery Hunt Permit.
  • Hunters may select more than one hunting location. You only need to compete the application once when selecting multiple locations.
  • No proficiency exam is required.
  • No “special hunt” area number has been designated by the DNR.
  • See attached maps for the areas allowed.
  • No back tags are issued or required.
  • Please see MN Department of Natural Resources for bag limit information.   
  • There is no cost for the permit. 
  • Responses and comments regarding the 2017 Archery Hunt will be requested after the end of the season via a survey of permit holders. 


2017 Archery Hunt Area Maps:
River Bluffs Regional Park Map (Updated map for 2017 - expanded area)
Neenah Creek Regional Park Map
Serenity Park Map
Friedrich Park & MN Correctional Facility (Updated map for 2017)
Heritage Woods Park
Cooper Hills Park

For more information please contact Matt O'Brien at (320) 650-3120 or via email at

2017 St. Cloud Regional Airport Archery Hunt

In 2017 the St. Cloud Regional Airport will host a separate deer hunt.  For more information on the airport hunt click here.