Charter Commission


  • The Charter Commission must meet once a year.
  • St. Cloud City Hall 1201 7th Street South


  • Sandra Hilsgen
  • Eunice Adjei
  • Dr. Sangeeta Jha
  • Thomas Lies
  • Debra Leigh
  • Tohow Siyad
  • Carolyn Garven     
  • Genell Goerger
  • Gary Ganje 


The City of St. Cloud is organized as a Home Rule Charter city under the laws of the State of Minnesota. Such a Charter is, in a sense, a local institution. The Charter Commission prepares proposed amendments to the Charter to meet the city's individual needs and desires. Local voters approve amendments to the Charter, and in certain cases, the City Council can change the Charter. The Charter may provide for any form of city government as long as it is consistent with state laws applicable to Home Rule Charter cities. The St. Cloud Charter Commission consists of 15 members of the community.