Street Division


The Street Division cleans, repairs, clears snow and ice and maintains municipal streets, alleyways, sidewalks, and parking lots, and cleans and maintains the public storm drain system.

Winter Services

The services that the Street Division provides during the winter months include:

  • Apply salt / sand mixture to city streets and alleys as needed
  • Clear snow and ice from municipal building sidewalks and city-owned property
  • Clear snow and ice from municipal streets, alleys, and parking lots 
    (average annual snowfall is 45 inches)
  • Haul snow from the Central Business District, municipal parking lots and windrows from sidewalks that abut arterial roads to pre-determined dumping sites
  • Respond to complaints of snow and ice accumulation on sidewalks of private property owners / occupants

Summer Services

In the summer, the focus shifts more to street and alley maintenance and construction. Some of the services that the Street Division provides at that time include:

  • Clean streets and paved alleys with street sweepers and flush streets with water truck when needed
  • Clean and repair the municipal storm drain system
  • Prepare roadways and gravel alleys for bituminous overlays and pavement, including crack filling
  • Prepare roads for seal-coating
  • Grade gravel alleys and roads
  • Repair potholes
  • Remove and restore condemned sidewalks
  • Bridge maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Sweep the Central Business District
  • Assist other departments as needed