Special Assessments

Notification of Potential Public Works Projects
The City of St. Cloud typically utilizes a 2-step process in the public hearing phase for potential public works projects.

First, an informal public informational meeting is held.  The Engineering Department staff provides an overview of the proposed improvements and the residents have an opportunity to ask questions and provide their input regarding the need for the improvements, the scope of the project or raise a particular point of concern.

After receiving the feedback from residents at the informational meeting, Engineering staff prepares a report and cost estimate for the project and forwards this to the City Council for their review.  The City Council will then schedule a public hearing to consider the merits of the proposed improvements. 
Assessment Payment Options
City projects are assessed according to the current assessment policy and based on current assessment rates. Each project varies in cost depending on many factors, such as existing conditions, proposed improvements, and number of properties. Final assessments are determined at the assessment hearing. Contact the City Engineer's Office at 320-255-7242 for information on the current assessment rates.

Detailed information concerning assessment payment options is mailed to property owners at the time the assessments are levied. Payment options include:
  • Prepayment: Payment of all or a portion of the assessment within 30 days of the billing date without interest charge. After 30 days from the date of the assessment bill, but before October 31st, all or a portion of the assessment plus interest computed from the date of Council resolution adopting the assessment roll to date of payment may be made to the city of St. Cloud.
  • Installment Payments: Include the assessment with the property taxes. On or about November 1st, unpaid assessments are certified to the county Auditor for collection. Payments are then made in annual installments over a 5 year, 10 year, or 20 year period. These payments are payable in the same manner as property taxes. The interest rate is the same whether you choose 5, 10, or 20 year installment payments.

Assistance for Low/Moderate Income Property Owners

Property owners who have low/moderate incomes may qualify for assessment reduction through the City's Assessment Stabilization Program. The property must be owner-occupied and homesteaded. Eligible property owners whose income falls below the following limits shall be considered low income property owners:

Income Limit

The following is the income limit for how many people live in your household:

  • 1 - $52,400
  • 2 - $59,850
  • 3 - $67,350
  • 4 - $74,800
  • 5 - $80,800
  • 6 - $86,800
  • 7 - $92,800
  • 8 - $98,750

Contact the City's Special Assessment Clerk at 320-255-7212 within 10 days of the billing date of the special assessment bill.

Deferment of Special Assessments

A homesteaded property whose owner is 65 years of age or older or retired by virtue of permanent and total disability, and for whom it would be a hardship to make payments, or for any homesteaded property owned by a person who is a member of the Minnesota National Guard or other military reserves who is ordered into active military service, as defined in Minnesota Statutes, Section 190.05, subdivision 5b or 5c, as stated in the person’s military orders, for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments, may be eligible for a deferment of special assessments.

 In order to defer the assessment, the average annual principal and interest installment due on the assessment must be in excess of 3% of current annual income. Contact the City's Special Assessment Clerk at 320-255-7212 for further information on this program.