Youth Baseball / Softball

Summer Baseball and Softball

Programs available:
  • Tiny T's (Ages 4-5) - Intro to baseball. Skills taught include base running, throwing and hitting the ball from the tee.
  • T Ball (Ages 5-6) - Continue your child's progress, and introduce having the ball pitched (by the coach) and outfield positions.
  • Rookie League Baseball (Ages 6-9) - Focus on skill progression, develop a grip on the bat and batter's stance, introduce catching pop flies and throwing from a further distance. Games will be played once a week. 
  • Major League Baseball (Ages 9-12) - Players will begin pitching to each other, picking positions, and learning and developing advanced techniques. Games played once a week to 6 innings.
  • Minor League Softball (Ages 8-10) - Skills including throwing, catching, batting, catcher's position and base running. Games played throughout the community.
  • Major League Softball (Ages 10-12) - Advanced throwing, catching and batting skills as well as base running and game strategies covered. Games played throughout the community.

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A group of children compete in a baseball game under the watchful eyes of their coaches and parents

Cancellations or Rain-Outs

Please listen to WJON or call 255-7277 for cancellations or rain-outs; or check our Facebook page.

Rained Out? Know Now!

St Cloud Park and Recreation is now using RainedOut to notify our Youth Baseball/Softball participants of cancellations. If successful, we will roll this out to all of our programs.