Rules and Regulations

Compost Site Rules & Regulations

  • Register with the attendant on site before entering the compost site. Residents shall not enter the site during non-operational hours; this is considered a violation resulting in revocation.
  • Have a compost permit displayed on the inside bottom of the passenger side of your front windshield. Entry to the compost site will not be allowed without a valid permit. The permit must be affixed on the inside bottom of the passenger side of your front windshield.
  • Dump your yard waste as indicated by the signs and traffic cones. This method enables city workers to turn the yard waste material with their equipment.
  • Brush and tree waste needs to be separated from yard waste and deposited in a separate location as indicated. All loads entering the site must be covered to prevent loss of any waste while driving to the compost site.
  • Obey all speed limit signs and drive cautiously at this public site.

Acceptable Items

  • Only clean yard waste, brush, and tree waste will be accepted and must be separated prior to entering the site.
  • Acceptable yard waste includes leaves, grass clippings, pinecones, pumpkins, acorns, apples, dirt, and sod.
  • Acceptable brush and tree waste includes shrubs, tree branches, firewood, garden vegetation and cornstalks.
  • The city reserves the right to limit the quantity or disallow the disposal of brush and tree waste without prior notice.

Unacceptable Items

  • Unacceptable yard waste includes construction wood, dimensional lumber, wood pallets, stumps, or whole tree logs.
  • Yard waste mixed with rocks, metal, concrete, polystyrene foam, animal feces, food scraps, or other foreign material is also unacceptable. Loads containing contamination will be turned away from site.
  • You must dump your own plastic bags and take the empty bags with you. No plastic bags can be left on site, as they contaminate the compost.

Composted soil is not always available for individuals who have purchased a compost permit. When available, there is a 90-gallon per week maximum per individual. Composted soil is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to a mandated quarantine by MN Department of Agriculture, mulch and wood chips are not available.

Failure to follow the rules and regulations as outlined above is considered a violation. The City reserves the right to revoke any violator's permit for the season.

Commercial haulers and lawn service companies are not eligible to use this site.

For further information or questions, please contact Public Works at 320-650-2900.