Parking Permits

Parking Permits

City of St. Cloud employees may be issued parking permits allowing that employee to park in a parking meter space, while performing City authorized business, without payment in the parking meter. The permit must be affixed to the glass within 12" of the lower left corner of the rear window of the vehicle, as viewed from the rear of the vehicle. The entire permit must be visible through the window. Parking permit must be displayed in designated location in the vehicle at all times. All violations will be tagged. Do NOT back into stall.

Current fees for quarterly parking permits:

  • "A" permit - $134.20 plus applicable sales tax
  • "C" permit - $78.88 plus applicable sales tax
  • "Z" permit - $50.00 plus applicable sales tax
  • Ramp permit - $188.50 plus applicable sales tax

10% discount applies to all annual parking permits

Parking permits are available for purchase at City Hall, 400 2nd Street South, on a quarterly or annual basis.

Contact the Finance Department at 320-650-3374 for further information regarding the purchase of a parking permit.