Clemens Gardens

Not Just a Beautiful Garden, But a Gift of Love
From their home William and Virginia Clemens were able to see the construction of the Formal Garden, the first garden in what was to become Clemens Gardens. When an adjacent piece of property became available, the Clemens purchased it and donated it to the City of St. Cloud. After donating the property, the Clemens donated the funding to create what is now the Virginia Clemens Rose Garden. From this initial involvement, the Clemens family made the remarkable decision to fund the entire garden project.

Mrs. Clemens suffered from multiple sclerosis before succumbing to the disease in August of 1998. Unable to travel because of the disease, Mrs. Clemens was able to enjoy the beauty of the gardens from her window. While most men give their wives flowers, Mr. Clemens gave his wife and our community, the gift of this glorious public garden. Created in the tradition of the great gardens of Europe, Clemens Gardens is a spectacular display of colors, scents, sights, and sounds.

Formal Garden
The Formal Garden was the 1st garden in what was to become Clemens Gardens. Upon your visit, you will notice the granite outlined brick paths are different from all of the other paths in Clemens Gardens. This garden was constructed in the mid 1980's by HRA and Munsinger Gardens employees. This site was originally used as an ice skating rink in the wintertime. In the center of the Formal Garden sits the Windsor Court fountain, installed in 2000.

Virginia Clemens Rose Garden
The Virginia Clemens Rose Garden was inspired by Mrs. Clemens great love of roses; her middle name was "Rose". As many as 1,100 roses and over 70 varieties bloom from June through September. The "Jenny Crane" fountain was chosen by Mrs. Clemens and was the first fountain in Clemens Gardens. When you visit this garden, be sure to visit the Virginia Clemens Memorial on the west side of the Rose Garden.