Pantown Neighborhood Improvement Project

map of St. Cloud Pantown neighborhoodStormwater Resilience and Flood Mitigation Plan

The City of St. Cloud is developing a stormwater resilience and flood mitigation plan for the 850-acre Pantown Neighborhood area. The area has several known areas that experience flooding. The plan will identify causes of flooding and propose implementation strategies and solutions to mitigate flooding issues.

We want to hear from you about any drainage and flooding concerns where localized flooding occurs and how it affects your property and adjacent streets. 

If you have stormwater concerns or feedback in the Pantown Neighborhood, please fill out the form below, call the Stormwater Department at 320-255-7226 or email the stormwater department. 


Pantown Neighborhood Stormwater Resilience and Flood Mitigation Plan

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    We appreciate your feedback. Please contact the stormwater department by email or at 320-255-7226 for further information. 

    The Stormwater Team may want to follow up with you about your concerns.  Please leave your name and contact information if you are willing to speak with our team. 

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