About Us

The St. Cloud Fire Department conducts both fire prevention and suppression activities from five fire stations. The main station, located at 101 10th Avenue North, serves as the department’s headquarters station and provides space for the Training Division, Prevention Division and Administrative Staff, in addition to housing full-time suppression crews.


The Suppression Division responded to over 8,100 incidents for the calendar year 2021. The Fire Department also provides hazardous materials incident coverage. The Chemical Assessment Team, by contract with the State of Minnesota, has primary coverage for approximately 10 counties in central Minnesota.

The Fire Prevention Office consists of the Fire Marshal, two Assistant Fire Marshals and a Fire Inspector shared with the Building Dept. Together we perform fire & life safety inspections, construction plan review, respond to complaints and investigate fires.  A total of 656 general inspections were conducted in 2021, additionally 434 construction inspections, 328 plan reviews and 161 permit application reviews were performed. For 2021 inspections and plan reviews increased modestly despite the ongoing pandemic (St Cloud fire Department Annual Report, pg 21)

Staff & Crews
The Fire Department operates with full-time suppression personnel. Fire suppression crews staff Stations 1, 2, 3 and 5 for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows for excellent response anywhere in the city.  Station 4, at the airport, is staffed on an "as needed" basis.

Additional Services

  • Airport rescue and firefighting 
  • Confined space rescue 
  • Emergency medical response and extrication services 
  • Fire inspection and plan review 
  • Ice and water rescue 
  • Public fire education 
  • Technical and high-angle rope rescue

St. Cloud Fire Department Vision

In the coming years, the St. Cloud Fire Department will be a team whose members are effective, empowered, and enthusiastic in their service.  We will be recognized as a regional leader by our community, neighbors, and peers and enthusiastically supported by out community which views us with pride, respect, and confidence.  Our mission will be accomplished by a physically fit, healthy, and increasingly diverse work force, well trained in a multitude of specialized skills and empowered with a high level of involvement in our success.  Our equipment will be dependable, capable, and consistent with the needs of the community, embracing cutting-edge technology and emphasizing firefighter safety.


  • We believe that service to the public is our reason for being and strive to deliver quality services in a highly professional and cost-effective manner.
  • We believe that fiscal responsibility and the prudent stewardship of public funds is essential for citizen confidence in government.
  • We believe that ethics and integrity are foundation blocks of public trust and confidence and that all meaningful relationships are built on these values.
  • We believe that citizens are the owners of the city, that the Fire Department members work for the owners, and that all citizens are to be treated with the greatest of courtesy and respect.
  • We believe that open and honest communication is essential for an informed and involved citizenry and to foster a positive working environment for employees.
  • We believe that continuous improvement is the mark of professionalism and are committed to applying this principle to the services we offer and to the development of our employees.
  • We believe that the very essence of leadership is to be visionary and to plan for the future.
  • We believe in the importance of balancing individual, family, and organizational growth.
  • We believe in a reasonable balance of personal risk versus the value of life and property, and will continually strive to limit the danger faced by our employees to those times when it is absolutely necessary.
  • We believe in the value and promotion of teamwork.
  • We believe in the empowerment and knowledge of our employees, through which the success of our organization becomes the success of ourselves.
St Cloud Way