Women of Worth (W.O.W)

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Who We Are

St. Cloud Community OutPost (COP House) Women of Worth is a program born out of a desire to mentor and work with young women of middle and early high school age (7-10th grade) in our community, as they transition from adolescence to womanhood. The program is comprised of officers from the St. Cloud Police Department Community Engagement Division in partnership with Les Voyageurs, the Greater St. Cloud Public Safety Foundation and other community mentors. We would love to have you join us, register here


The vision of this program is to instill high qualities of leadership, responsibility, strength, confidence and respect in these young women by bringing in women of different walks of life who will teach and mentor on various topics. These young women will also partake in various activities that we hope will help them grow into well rounded individuals.  

Mission Statement

To challenge, mold and encourage young women to live up to their full potential of becoming high value women. To help young women discover who they were created to be and aid them on their journey to womanhood as they find their purpose.

Women of Worth Flyer
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