Age-Flourishing St. Cloud

Empower, Educate, Engage, Equity, Elevate

The mission of Age Flourishing St. Cloud is to support a community in which all people at every age have opportunities to flourish in all dimensions of their lives while elevating the St. Cloud area.

To fulfill this mission, we are committed to Empowering individuals to be self-determining and autonomous; to Education that focuses on strengths at every age; to positive social Engagement of all members of the community; to the Equity of all persons that recognize inclusion and respect; and to Elevate our St. Cloud community with safe, secure, and supportive community features and services for people of all ages, with a focus on older adults.

The purpose of Age Flourishing St. Cloud is to advocate for all individuals, including older adults, by providing input and guidance to groups and members within the Greater St. Cloud Community. Such advocacy will direct and support actions that work toward our mission. To organize and facilitate our mission, Age Flourishing St. Cloud has established goals and actions within the following domains:

Age Friendly (4)

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There are approximately one million older adults in Minnesota, and that number is growing rapidly. Soon, the number of adults over age 65 in our state will exceed the number of children. Older adults may face challenges related to financial security, housing, transportation, healthcare, employment, and social service needs. In addition, thousands of direct support workers and the estimated 650,000 family and friends who provide unpaid caregiving struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand for care.

Age-Friendly Minnesota is a collaborative statewide effort to make our systems and communities more inclusive and responsive to older adults. It is part of a global movement to prepare for an aging population and ensure that older people are valued and integrated into communities at a new level.

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The 8 Domains of Livability framework is used by many of the towns, cities, counties, and states enrolled in the AARP Network of the Age-Friendly States and Communities to organize and prioritize their work to become more livable for both older residents and people of all ages. 

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Age Friendly Process

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