COVID-19 Building Department Updates

This page will include information specific to the Building Safety Department and changes to procedure during the Outbreak.  Please see the Coronavirus Information page for Citywide updates.
3/30/20 1 p.m.:
  1. During the 2-week Stay At Home Order all inspectors will be spending limited time in the office.  They will be checking their phone messages multiple times during the day (as time allows between inspections) and returning calls.  Please make sure you leave a message on their office phone so they can call you back.  You can find all the contact information for the Building Safety Department here: Contact Building Safety.
    1. For Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC inspections please call the appropriate inspector.
    2. For Building inspections please call 320-255-7238 or email Building Scheduling.
      1. Also, submit any information for BUILDING inspections (pictures of roof tear-offs for weekend work ONLY, blower-door tests, etc.) to the Building Scheduling email.
      2. Eli Berry is still out on prior-approved leave, please do not call/email him as you may not get a response. 
  2. Plan reviews and permits will continue as normal (with the exception of submitting and paying at City Hall). 
  3. We are updating our permit applications on the website to all be forms that are submitted automatically when you hit the submit button at the bottom of the form.  This way you will not need to print forms, fill them out and email them in.  Please use the new applications found here: Applications/Forms.  Note that there are tabs that you need to click on (Permits With Electronic Plan Review, Permits With Paper Plan Review, and Permits Without Plan Review) before you pick the permit type.  Not all the applications are currently forms, we hope to have them all updated by the end of the week.
    1. With City Hall being closed to the public, if you want to submit paper plan reviews (11 x 17 or smaller) you will have to print off the application (further down on the website) and mail it in along with one copy of the plans.
      1. Mailing Address: 

        St. Cloud City Hall

        Attn: Building Safety Department

        400 – 2nd St S

        St. Cloud, MN 56301

    2. Within 1-business day of submitting the application you will receive an email stating your permit is ready.  You will need to log into the City eTRAKiT website to pay for permits.  You can find handouts/information and the link to the eTRAKiT system here: eTRAKiT.
      1. If you do not currently have a Contractor (NOT public user) account, please email Building Safety and we will set you up.
      2. You CANNOT apply for any permit type, other than electrical, on the eTRAKiT site.
  4. We are currently setting up automatic emails to go out, to the email address we have listed for the Contractor, when an inspection is completed.  If the inspection is not Approved or Not Applicable, you will have to log into the eTRAKiT system to see any notes left by the inspector.  You should be seeing these emails starting later this week.
  5. Because City Hall is closed, all plan reviews will have to be done electronically through our ePlans system.  You can find handouts/information on the system here: ePlans.  You must wait for your permit to be logged in and receive your invitation to the project email before you can upload plans.  If you have any problems, please let us know.  The first couple times of using the system can be difficult until you are used to it.

a.    You can still submit paper plans 11 x 17 or smaller by mailing them in, along with the application, please see note 3-1 above.  Please note – this will prolong plan review turn-around time as it will take time for it to get to us via mail, and payment will have to be made/the permit issued before we will mail approved plans back.

3/26/2020 1 p.m.:

Good afternoon, I know there are a lot of questions on the impact of the new order from the Governor (Executive Order 20-20) on construction inspections. At this point we believe we will continue inspections, but we are still researching this. The way you schedule inspections might change, but nothing is definite yet. If/when something changes we will send out another email, you can also find our updates here:

Starting Monday, with the required closure of City Hall, all business will have to take place via email or phone calls (with the exception of inspections). You can find the Departments contact information here:

Thank you for your patience while we work through the logistics of this new order.

3/17/2020 4 p.m.:

Currently, we are going to continue our inspections and plan reviews as close to normal as possible. Please reach out to us to set your inspections as usual. We may ask if you and or your crew are feeling well and practicing social distancing during inspections to the best of our abilities. If there are illnesses at construction sites, in order to protect our employees and you, we will ask you to re-schedule inspections as needed. However, inspections still must occur before covering work just as normal.

City Hall as of March 18th , tomorrow, will be open to visitors by pre-arranged appoints only, please utilizes online, fax and phone calls as much as possible. If necessary please pre-arrange an appointment by calling Sheri at 320-255-7239.

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