Relicensing of St. Cloud's Hydro Facility

St Cloud Hydroelectric Dam and Mississippi River

Relicensing Process for the St. Cloud DamMap of St. Cloud, MN with hydroelectric project location highlighted


On November 30, 2024, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the St. Cloud Dam, owned by the City of St. Cloud, will expire. The City has already begun to plan for relicensing, which will take approximately 5 years. 

What is a FERC license?

A FERC license authorizes operation of a hydroelectric plant for 30 to 50 years and contains conditions for plant operations and mitigation of potential environmental impacts. The project’s current license was issued on December 5, 1984. A new license will authorize continued operation of the plant under specified conditions.

What is the purpose of relicensing? 

During relicensing, FERC will reassess how the dam affects resources such as water supply, habitat, land, endangered species, recreation, and historical and cultural values. In making its assessment, FERC gives equal consideration to power and non-power uses and makes sure that the new license is consistent with a comprehensive plan for use of affected resources.

How does the licensing process work?

The City will soon file a proposal or pre-application document with FERC to begin the relicensing process. The proposal will provide important details about the dam, surrounding resources, and how we plan to operate under a new license. For more information on the individual steps required, see the timeline below.

Timeline graphic of Relicensing process for St. CLoud hydroelectric

We welcome your input

As a government agency, we’re concerned about the impact our decisions have on our community. Relicensing provides you with a unique opportunity to let us know how you feel about environmental and social issues related to the dam. The City will work with you, FERC, and other interested stakeholders to develop a plan for studying the potential effects of a relicensed dam. The results of those studies will be used to create the licensing application.

How to contact us about relicensing

  1. Visit for updates
  2. Sign up for FERC's eSubscription service at to receive notifications when new documents are filed into the relicensing record (Docket number P-4108)
  3. Ask to be on our mailing list by emailing Whitney Hansen
  4. Provide written comments that FERC considers when reviewing the license application. For instructions, visit

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