Northeast Sediment Reduction Project

Northeast St. Cloud is an older part of town developed prior to current land use and water quality standards. When citizens and City staff began noticing "brown water" entering the Mississippi River from a stormwater outfall, the City began a partnership project with Benton Soil and Water Conservation District and property owners to reduce pollutants entering the Mississippi River from this 367-acre drainage area. Visit the interactive Story Map to learn more.

Large metal pipes and construction equipment resting in hole dug into ground
Person standing upright inside large empty pipe

2012 Northeast Drainage Analysis

A detailed analysis of the NE Drainage Area was completed to better understand and estimate the levels of pollutant loads generated throughout the area and to identify potential improvements that will reduce future loading to the Mississippi River.

Northeast Drainage Water Quality Treatment Technical Memo

Specific watershed treatment projects are further identified and detailed to reduce pollutants from stormwater runoff entering the Mississippi River.