Lake George Water Quality Improvement Project

When Lake George was placed on Minnesota's Impaired Waters List for low water clarity (ability to see through the water) and elevated phosphorous and algae blooms, the City began implementing a comprehensive plan to improve water quality in Lake George. Visit the Interactive Story Map to learn more.

Aerial photo of lake in a park with buildings and a river in the background

Lake George Water Quality Treatment Technical Memo

Specific watershed treatment projects are identified to reduce pollutants from stormwater runoff entering Lake George.

Lake George and Downtown Sub-Watershed Assessment

A detailed analysis of the Lake George and Downtown Area was completed to better understand and estimate the levels of pollutant loads generated throughout the area and to prioritize targeted improvements that will reduce pollutants from entering Lake George and the Mississippi River. 

Lake George Limnology Report 

The Limnology Report summarizes the biological, chemical and physical features of the Lake. The Report also provides a summary of water quality data collected and the schedule of tasks to be completed in the Lake to achieve water quality related goals.

Lake George History 

Learn more about the history of Lake George. 

Little George

Little George is a stormwater sediment pond constructed in 1998 to treat stormwater runoff prior to Lake George.