Drinking Water Distribution System

Distribution System Overview

The City of St. Cloud covers 40 square miles and has a population of >68,000.  Of that, 30 square miles have water and sewer service. St. Cloud’s drinking water system serves one consecutive user; the City of St. Augusta. St. Augusta has two service connections and maintains their distribution system including metering and billing systems. St. Augusta accounts for approximately 1% of the water demand in St. Cloud.

The water distribution system consists of >300 miles of distribution and transmission pipe lines. The system is predominately a grid type system with only minor “branching” or “dead-end” type feed arrangements. It is a fairly typical distribution system for utilities of this size, type and geographical location. Pipe lines in the water distribution system range in size from 4” to 30” diameter and the material composition is cast iron and ductile iron.

Water Tower

MAC Water Tower Restoration