Rain Gardens

City Right of Way Landscape Features
City Ordinance Section 670 allows residents to install certain landscape features, including rain gardens, within the limits of any street or right of way. Generally the city right of way or boulevard encompasses 66 feet on every roadway; this usually means that the area within 33 feet from the center of any city roadway is considered city property.

Permit Process
Permission is granted through our simple permit process. There is no charge for this permit. Simply review the Rain Garden Permit Fact Sheet, complete the Rain Garden Permit Application, and submit the form to the Park and Recreation Department.

We will review the information and planting site and return the form with any amendments to you within a short period of time. Generally the process takes no longer than a week.

Gopher State One Call
We ask that you contact Gopher State One Call at 800-252-1166 as soon as you fill out the permit, so that you are able to get the information in a timely fashion.

Private Property
You do not need a permit to plant a rain garden on your private property. However, it may be to your advantage to follow the guidance in the Rain Garden Permit Fact Sheet. And again, make sure to call Gopher State One Call before you dig!