Community Engagement Division

In recent years, law enforcement officials and community leaders alike have stressed the need for more "engagement" between the public and the police. In particular, they have called on departments and community members to work collaboratively to keep communities safe.

"Community engagement" has come to describe everything from ice cream socials to serious discussions about department practices. All of these forms of police-community interaction are important for building relationships and improving trust. But real engagement is more than just conversation. It means giving the public a voice in how our community is policed.

The Community Engagement Division consists of 1 Commander and 3 Sergeants that supervise the personnel assigned to the 

  • Community Response Team (CRT)
  • Community Crime Impact Team (CCIT)
  • Housing Redevelopment Authority (HRA)
  • Crime Prevention
  • School Resource Officers (SRO)

Sayre Martin - Lieutenant

Martin Sayre
(320) 345-4410

  1. Community Response Team (CRT)
  2. Community Crime Impact Team (CCIT)
  3. Community Outpost
  4. Eyes on the South Side (EOSS)
  5. Crime Prevention
  6. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  7. Co-Responder Team
  8. Child Response Initiative (CRI)

The St. Cloud Police Department identified the need for a specialized team to investigate, locate and arrest violent offenders in 2021.  By redistributing resources within the Community Engagement Division, the initiative became know as the Community Response Team (CRT).

Comprised of a supervisor and 6 officers, the CRT Team has a primary focus of community engagement through youth programming and activities both in the COP House region of the city as well as outreach to other areas of the city as needed.

The secondary purpose of the CRT team is call response and investigation of violent felony level crime within the city limits of St. Cloud (priority to COP House geographical area).  The team specializes in the location and apprehension of wanted violent offenders or fugitives from the Saint Cloud Region and can project their resources statewide working in conjunction with other agencies.