Impact of Action

Impact of Action

The environmental impacts of energy conservation are diverse. Reducing energy waste cuts down on carbon and other pollutants from fossil-fuel power-plants. The benefits of reducing energy consumption also extend to preservation of our waterways and lands – helping ensure that future generations can enjoy the outdoors.

Of course, there are also economic impacts to each of us as individuals.

  • In 2015, St. Cloud Xcel Energy customers spent a total of $87.17 million on energy. This includes individual and business expenses for natural gas and electricity.
  • Of all the energy consumed by Xcel Energy customers in 2015, 30% of this energy was consumed in our homes and apartments and the remaining 70% in our businesses and institutions.

Energy use varies from home-to-home, business-to-business, and neighborhood-to-neighborhood. For some, the burden of paying for energy is much greater and the potential to cost-effectively save energy can vary significantly from building-to-building. As a point of reference, these maps show what residential energy use looked liked by census block area in 2015, reflecting housing stock size, age, equipment, and more.

Between July 2017 and January 2019, St. Cloud aims to save $638,000 in energy costs (combined) due to increased energy efficiency improvements for residents and businesses. Of those savings, $178,000 will be for homeowners, the remaining savings for businesses.

The impacts of these savings will not only mitigate the generation of energy in Minnesota, but also reduce air and water pollution and help prevent negative health impacts. Additionally, conservation activities help reduce the need to invest in other energy generating resources and keep energy more affordable for all of us.

  • Impact Summary: The impacts that will be achieved if the community fulfills the goals outlined in the St. Cloud Community Energy Action Plan
  • Resident Testimonials: The impacts and benefits seen by St. Cloud residents and businesses after taking energy action