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Your Community Energy Resource Library

The St. Cloud community is working together to reduce energy impacts. We are driven to do this because it will lower our energy bills and keep money in our pockets. We are also driven to do this because we are leaders in energy innovation and want to see the environmental, equity, and leadership benefits that come from taking action as a community.

This online Resource Library and the Sustaining St. Cloud: Energy Leaders community campaign have been developed for the benefit of St. Cloud residents and businesses and fulfills one of St. Cloud Community Energy Action Plan goals. The Resource Library provides you with information on how to take action, helps you understand the energy impacts of your actions, and helps us share our stories with each other.

Use the navigation headers on this page to learn more about the following:

  • Sustaining St. Cloud: Energy Leaders & How to Take Action – a community energy action campaign engaging the residents and businesses and how you can take part
  • How to Make an Impact – background information on our energy use as a community and what types of impacts and benefits our energy actions will provide
  • Local Case Studies & Testimonials – learn from your neighbors and business colleagues about the benefits of taking action and get ideas of how to take action in your home or business

Background Information: 

St. Cloud Community Energy Action Plan

In 2017, community members and city staff came together as the St. Cloud Energy Action Planning Team through Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy offering. This process culminated in the development and approval from the Planning Commission of St. Cloud’s Community Energy Action Plan (April 2017). This website is one of the resources envisioned in that Plan. Use it and share it! For more information, visit the Community Energy Action Plan page.

The Energy Action Plan vision and primary areas of focus are summarized below to help community members understand the types of actions that the community is looking to support and drive.

Energy Action Plan Exerpt