View and Print Permits

The eTRAKiT "Search Permit" system allows citizens to view permits, track inspections, and print permits and inspection record cards.
With the eTRAKiT system, you will be able to:
  • Search for all permit types
  • Track permit completeness progress for all Building Safety permit types
  • Print all Building Safety permits and inspection record cards
Click above to search permits.
​Create a Public User name and​
​password to see permits.
Information that will help your search:
  • *Site Address: The property address where the work is being done.  When entering addresses, less is more.  For example, if you are searching for 400 2nd St S, just enter: 400 2; or for 2001 Stockinger Drive just enter: 2001 Stock 
  • Applicant Name: The name of the permit applicant, for building permits this is typically the contact person for plan review.  It is difficult to search for permits this way.
  • Contractor Name: The name of the contractor that obtained the permit. There are some issues right now with the system when searching by contractors, it is being addressed by the software manufacturer and should be resolved soon.
  • Permit No: The number the permit has been assigned at time of application. 
  • * We recommend searching by Site Address.