Hydroelectric Utility

St Cloud Hydroelectric Dam and Mississippi River
FAQ Chart about St. Cloud, MN Hydroelectric Dam

Hydroelectric Generation Facility

The St. Cloud Dam is the largest city-owned hydroelectric facility in Minnesota. It can generate 8.86 megawatts of electricity per day. The Hydroelectric Generation Facility (HGF) is a division of the Public Utilities Department.  It is located on the Mississippi River immediately south of the University Bridge.  The HGF consists of two turbines and two generators capable of generating 8.86 megawatts of electricity daily.  A range of 40 – 60 million kilowatt hours of electricity are generated annually dependent on precipitation in the upper Mississippi River drainage basin. The HGF also consists of a bladder-type spillway gate system that spans the 10th Street Dam’s 550 feet of spillway, which increases the electrical generation capacity of the facility.