Plumbing Projects

Plumbing Project Information

Plumbing permits are needed for any installation, alteration, repair, relocation, replacement, or addition to any piping, equipment, or fixtures associated with the plumbing system.

Obtaining a Permit

Only a plumber that is licensed with the City of St. Cloud or the owner of the property (single family-dwelling only) can obtain a plumbing permit. Homeowners who are doing their own work must own and occupy the residence and the property cannot be used for any rental or daycare purposes.

Getting Licensed

See Contractor Licensing and Mechanical Exam Forms for additional information on getting licensed.

Plumbing Permits

Permits shall become invalid unless the work is commenced within 180 days after its issuance, or if the work is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days after the time the work is commenced.

Plumbing Permit Application

Download the Plumbing Permit Application (PDF) (to be printed and submitted with payment to the Building Safety Department at City Hall).
Electronic Plumbing Permit Application (to be submitted electronically).
New water and sewer connections, and repairs to water and sewer connections also need the Water and Sewer Worksheet (PDF) completed and submitted at the time of inspection.

Homeowner Residential Work Permit Certification Form

The Homeowner Residential Work Permit (PDF) must be submitted by homeowners doing their own work.

Flood Test Record

Flood Test Record (PDF)

Beginning August 1st, 2022, the City of St Cloud will require a flood test record to be submitted, prior to the final plumbing inspection, for any tiled showers installed after that date, to verify compliance with 2020 MN Plumbing Code Section 408.7.  The installer must perform the test and it must be witnessed by a 3rd party and the installer and witness must both sign the flood test record.  The completed, signed form must be submitted either by email to:; or submitted in person at City Hall (1201 – 7th St S) PRIOR to the final plumbing inspection.

Plumbing Fee Documents


Informational Handouts


Wells and Sand Points (Drive-Point Wells)

The City of St. Cloud does not have any ordinances pertaining to wells or sand points.  The Minnesota Department of Health oversee's all wells and sand points.  For more information please call the MDH at 800-383-9808 or visit their website.

Plumbing Inspections

Please remember to call for all required plumbing inspections. For questions on plumbing codes or inspections, contact the City Plumbing Inspector Steve Harren at 320-255-7234.