Youth Commission


  • 2nd Thursday of each month
  • St. Cloud City Hall 
    400 2nd Street South
    St. Cloud, MN 56301


  • Lauren Steinke
  • Addie Hoheisel
  • Iqra Ahmed
  • Samanna Johnson
  • Nikieg Olange


The St. Cloud Youth Commission (SCYC) will seek to provide an avenue for young members of the St. Cloud community to advocate for neighborhoods, communities, and organizations in an advisory role at a municipal level.

  1. The SCYC will provide ongoing and direct input on government policies and practices.
  2. The SCYC will recommend and foster initiatives for and by youth.
  3. The SCYC will act as a communication link between the City of St. Cloud and the young members of the St. Cloud community.
  4. The SCYC will promote and give recognition to the abilities and accomplishments of young members of the St. Cloud community.


The vision of the St. Cloud Youth Commission is to set a standard and expectation of the relationship between youth and City administration by creating an environment where youth can provide valuable insights on the future of the community.  City Administration will provide the support and platform in which these valuable insights can drive policy and decision making.


  1. Attend scheduled  monthly meetings and sub-committee meetings of the St. Cloud Youth Commission.
  2. Serve in an advisory role to identify and provide feedback and recommendations to St. Cloud Administration, City Council, and various City departments regarding City government and youth related issues.
  3. Work on team building and leadership skills through active participation.
  4. Abide by the laws of the City of St. Cloud and school that student attends.
  5. Promote the St. Cloud Youth Commission and its goals.

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