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 Partners in Energy is a collaboration between communities and Xcel Energy. The collaboration is designed to help communities create, meet, and expand local sustainability goals and develop strategies for achieving these goals. The City of St. Cloud applied to become a Partners in Energy community in early 2016. The City sees this as an opportunity to bring the benefits of clean energy to the broader community and to renew energy related goals.​

​ In collaboration with the Partner's in Energy campaign, the City of Saint Cloud has created it's energy action campaign. Sustaining St. Cloud: Energy Leaders will work with the community and local businesses to save money and energy while educating and empowering people about the environment.

Energy Leaders: Sustaining St. Cloud logo featuring lightning bolt and St. Cloud brand chevron

Community Goals


Increase energy awareness for individuals regarding actions and behaviors that reduce energy use and benefit future generations.


Double utility conservation program participation for both residential and small to medium-sized businesses in Year 1.Save $638,000 in energy costs community wide in Year 1.

Maintain program participation at 70% above business as usual after Year 1.

Renewable Energy

Help institutions and industrial businesses replace 21.8 million kWh of electricity with renewable energy by 2026 via installation, purchase or subscription.

Additional Resources

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Energy Action Planning Guide

Partners in Energy FAQs

For additional information or questions about Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy and the collaboration with the St. Cloud community, please contact Jim Flaaen at (320) 255-7218 or Liz Kramer at (320) 255-2969.