This webpage is for information/details on using the City's electronic review system only.

As of January 1, 2020 ALL building permit plans (residential and commercial), larger than 11x17 (full-scale), are required to be submitted electronically.  Paper plans will only be accepted 11 x 17 or smaller, and must be FULL-SCALE, half-scaled plans will not be accepted.

What is ePlans?

ePlans is the electronic plan review system for the City of St. Cloud.  This system allows applicants to electronically upload plans and documents for review, and to download and/or print approved plans after review. 
  • To submit plans electronically please email the completed ePlans Application (found below) and Land Disturbance Permit Application or Questionnaire (as required) to building.safety@ci.stcloud.mn.us.  DO NOT email any plans or specs, they will be uploaded, by the applicant, into the ePlans system.   Please see the Overview Guide below for more information on permit submittal for ePlans (Permit Submittal section on page 3).
  • Please see the informational handouts under the respective project type for more information on what is required to be submitted on plans or documents.
  • Click here to go to the ePlans system. (You cannot log into the ePlans system until you have your first electronic plan review permit application into the City).

ePlans Permit Applications

These applications need to be submitted to the City when you are requesting electronic plan review.  If you are submitting paper plans please click on the appropriate project type on the left-hand side and use the applications found there.

ePlans User Guides

Guides are available for users to learn how to use the ePlans system.
  • Overview Guide - This guide is an overview of the ePlans system, steps to request electronic plan review, and includes the required standards for submittals such as document and drawing standards and naming conventions. (Revised 3/29/17)
  • Navigation Guide - This guide shows, with screen shots, how to navigate within the ePlans system, including how to run reports to see where in the process your review is.
  • Tasks Guide - This guide shows, in detail with screen shots, how to accept, do, and complete tasks that are assigned to a user.  It is important that you use this guide, and follow each step, until you are used to the system.
  • First Time Log In Guide - This guide shows you how to log into the ePlans system the first time.


Applications and guides are being updated as time allows/as needed. Each have a revised date at the bottom of each page. If you print applications, guides, or checklists please check back frequently to make sure you are using the most recent ones.

If you have additional questions on ePlans please contact Katie at katherine.vollbrecht@ci.stcloud.mn.us or (320) 650-3397.