Separate payment is required for licensing and permit fees.  It takes 1 business day to get licensed before a permit can be issued. License fees are listed on the applications along with the required bonding and insurance information. 

Commercial Building Contractors Application (PDF)

Electrical Contractors - Licensed through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry visit their website.

Heating Contractors

Application not available online as our city requires testing see Mechanical Code Sec. 300:20, Subd. 6  below.  We do not reciprocate other cities' Certificate of Competency cards.  If you currently hold a Master Certificate in our city, please call 320-255-7239 or Email Permit Technician to obtain the application for a Heating Contractor's License 

Plumbing Contractors Application (PDF)

Residential Contractors - Licensed through the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry  

            Contractors who are doing work on a house built before 1978 must have the EPA Lead Firm Certification.

Sewer Cleaners Application (PDF) 

Sign Hangers Application (PDF)  
             State Bond Information

Ventilation Contractors Application (PDF)