Redeveloping Primary Corridors

Quinlivan & Hughes

It’s no wonder St. Cloud is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S., with so many companies expanding their operations with an expressed desire to stay in this community. The Division St. and 2nd Street So. corridors and Downtown St. Cloud are just two prime examples of primary corridors undergoing redevelopment.
Quinlivan & Hughes Sets Their Sights on Staying
What once was a vacant bowling alley is now a reimagined and refurbished office for a thriving, downtown law practice. Located on the gateway entrance to downtown St. Cloud, Quinlivan and Hughes got their wish to remain in the vibrant downtown district with a project made possible by the St. Cloud EDA, Redevelopment Holdings One, LLC and Boser Construction.

Not only did this project transform a 74-year old, deteriorating building into a 17,000 square foot, Class A office building, the redevelopment project is expected to create nine jobs, retain 52 jobs and increase the city’s tax base. To fund the redevelopment costs, Quinlivan and Hughes was supported through the City’s Redevelopment Grant and matching funds from tax increment financing.