Orange Oak Advertising

In St. Cloud, we realize it’s not just about big business success. We also support the specific needs of the many small businesses that make up our community. This support can come in the form of financial assistance, but often times it’s also about making business connections and providing less tangible resources that companies need to thrive here in St. Cloud.
Orange Oak Advertising Expands Their Video Capabilities
While it may come as a surprise to many who haven’t been here, St. Cloud is a highly diverse community with many different immigrant groups. To help train, instruct and welcome these new immigrants in their native language, Orange Oak Advertising creates multi-lingual videos for clients like CentraCare Clinics, School District 742, and St. Cloud State University.

In 2012, the company needed help to expand their offerings to better support regional Minnesota businesses needing videos and advertising materials targeting the Somali/Spanish/Oromo populations. After hearing their unique needs to hire more people and purchase additional equipment, we introduced them to the local resources of the Small Business Development Center, Initiative Foundation, and St. Cloud State University Micro-Loan Program. One year later, their expanded level of success was awarded the 2013 Emerging Company Innovation Award.