Home Grown Success

Park Industries

The collaborative spirit of St. Cloud expands beyond the workforce. A number of economic partners and government entities frequently come together for the best interest of businesses and the community that they call home. This is evident in the number of growing companies leveraging these partnerships to add employees, equipment and facilities. 
Park Industries Expands Production Capabilities
Whether your preference is granite or engineered stone, more than 3,000 businesses cutting stone for homes and offices throughout North America use the specialized equipment imagined and created in St. Cloud. Park Industries, a successful local business for three generations, continually brings new fabrication advancements to the industry and more jobs to St. Cloud.

For their most recent expansion, Park Industries reached out to the City and economic development partners to build a 33,760 square foot addition to their manufacturing facility and additional machinery and equipment. To make that possible, the Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development provided funding through the Minnesota Job Creation Fund, and the City of St. Cloud provided tax increment financing.
Arctic Cold Storage Renovates to Better Meet Customer Needs
Like many reliable, smaller companies, Arctic Cold Storage started local and grew organically. Back in 1945, their business kept products cold as they made their way to local bars, theaters, and concessions operators. Over the years, the company grew into a regional distribution business serving large national franchises such as A&W™, Dairy Queen™, Kentucky Fried Chicken™, Carousel Snack Bars and Hardees™.

This growth has meant the need for investments to keep up with demand and remain competitive. To support this endeavor, the company leveraged CAP assistance for the gap financing that enabled conventional finances. As a result, Arctic Cold Storage was able to renovate their 8,000 square foot facility to accommodate a new, state-of-the-art machine. The company also built a new 18,800 square foot refrigerated warehouse to accommodate for their service demands. As a result, St. Cloud was able to retain 50 and add 8 new full-time employees.